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Competition Trivia Challenge
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Transplant Recipients, Living Donors, Corneal & Tissue Recipients,
Bone Marrow Recipients, and International 

Entry Regulations:
Competitors must be pre registered for the Team Trivia competition. 

Team sizes will consists of 4-6 players and the duration of the competition will last for 2 hours. 

Each Trivia show has six rounds of questions with three questions per round, as well as four bonus questions, a halftime question, and a final question. The final question is the only question in the game where teams can lose points. Each question is read twice, at which time all teams will have the duration of one song to write down their team name, answer, and point wager and turn it in to the host. There are three point wagers listed at the top of each round which may be used in any order; however, each point wager must be used only one time within that round. If you do not turn in an answer or you repeat or do not write down a point wager, the lowest remaining point wager for that round will be used. Only one answer can be turned in from each team, and once it is turned in, it may not be changed.


1 - Do not shout out the answer.
2 - No cheating. No cell phones or tablets. 
3 - Host's word is law. 

Once an event is completed and results are available, trivia challenge staff must record all competitors and scores to the appropriate system/documents. When electronic scoring is being utilized a manual backup system must be in place to record results.

When available, during the course of competition, sports directors may post results (identified as preliminary) for public and competitor review. 

Upon conclusion of the day’s competition, sports directors must submit final results for each event. Manual documents must be signed and dated by the appropriate staff member. Results will be reviewed for accuracy and posted in the TGA Village.

**Rules and format are subject to change and may be modified based on each competition.