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About Transplant Life Foundation & TransplantNATION
  • Transplant Life Foundation & TransplantNATION
Transplant Life Foundation
The Transplant Life Foundation, founded in 2011, is the nationís leading advocacy nonprofit for those in the donation and transplantation world - transplant recipients, living donors, donor families, individuals on the waiting list, caregivers, transplant professionals and supporters. As a primary educational and social networking hub for the transplant community, organizing body for the Transplant Games of America and publisher of TransplantNATION magazine, Transplant Life Foundation strives each day to enhance and improve the lives of our members. At the Transplant Life Foundation, we work alongside the American Society of Transplantation, the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, Donate Life America, the 58 procurement organizations, and over 250 transplant centers located across the U.S. †Together we serve thousands of individuals within the transplant community, both national and international.†

After a decade of close communication with our partner organizations, recipients, donor families and living donors, the Transplant Life Foundation is even more committed to:†
  • Advocating for the transplant community and connecting recipients, donor families, living donors, future recipients, caregivers, transplant professionals, and supporters.†
  • Building awareness of the amazing medical advances in organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation.†
  • Highlighting the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation.†
  • Encouraging every American adult to join the national and state donor registries.†
  • Publishing TransplantNATION magazine and other communications.
  • Producing, directing and executing the biennial Transplant Games of America.†
Through our lead initiatives, the Transplant Games of America and TransplantNATION magazine, the Foundation works hard every day to support, serve and advocate those in the organ donation and transplant world.†

To learn more about the Transplant Life Foundation and the work that we do, please visit The Transplant Life Foundation website.

TransplantNATION Magazine
TransplantNATION is a 68-page, bi-monthly magazine that works to connect and support the growing audience in the United States who are in the organ donation and transplantation world. TransplantNATION magazine is a full-featured publication with interesting stories of everyday heroism, heartfelt sacrifice and articles on healthy living, new beginnings, and industry activity. This magazine includes stories of donors who gave others another chance at life and tales of recipients who are anxious to show their donor families what their gift means to them. TransplantNATION connects all the unique groups that make up the transplant community. It provides recipients, living donors, donor families, dialysis patients, and so many others with the knowledge, hope and connection they deserve. With each issue, we touch more lives with inspiring stories, educational information, and the idea that no one is alone in their transplant journey.

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