Competitions General Rules and Regulations
  • General Rules and Regulations
General Rules & Regulations:

1. Condition of Entry: Transplant recipients, living donors, donor families and international athletes compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in individual and team/relay events. There are three divisions of competition in which men, women, and youth will compete against each other.
i. Division I:Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
ii. Division II:Living Donors, Corneal & Tissue Recipients, Bone Marrow Recipients
iii. Donor Families/Living Donor Families

2. Age Categories: Athletes will compete in the following youth and adult age categories.
i. Youth:5 and under, 6-10 years, 11-13 years
ii. Adult: 14-17 years, 18-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, 50-59 years,
60-69 years, 70-79, 80+.

3. Entries: Athletes will be allowed to enter a total of five sports, one sport per day. However, team events (3-on-3 basketball and volleyball) do not count toward the five event limit.

Athletes may choose five of the following sports: 5K, Badminton, Ballroom Dancing, Bowling, Cornhole, Cycling, Darts, Golf, Lyrics for Life, Pickleball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Texas Hold-em, Trivia, and Track & Field.

Competitors entered in team and relay events by their teams must be affirmatively medically cleared to participate in that sport.

Athletes may not enter events that take place at the same time in different venues. Failure of an athlete to appear at any event when called will result in the athlete being eliminated from that competition. There will be no appeal of any disqualification for failure to appear.

For events with more than one competitor, e.g., doubles and relays, each team must consist of members from the same team only.

TGA rules restrict Division 1 athletes from competing with Division 2 athletes as doubles partners. For Regular and Mixed Doubles, partners must be from the same Division. Doubles partners must be finalized before the registration deadline. Competitors who have entered a doubles event and have not supplied a partner will be dropped from the competition after the registration deadline. It is not permitted to change doubles partners after the deadline, except for in the case of medical necessity. Then, the new partner must be from the same team, must be medically cleared to compete in the event, and must not compete in another competition on the same day.

4. A competitor may scratch from an individual event and remain eligible to compete in other individual events in that sport for that day without being penalized. (i.e. swimming or track and field).

5. Only athletes pre-registered and approved may compete.

6. The age category of competition will be determined by the younger age of the two partners the day of Opening Ceremony.

7. Age groups and experience levels may be combined in the interests of competition and meet
management, but medals will be awarded as per the age groups, genders, and divisions of the Games. Events may have a maximum number of competitors.

8. Competitors may not add events on the day of competition. This will be enforced strictly.

9. Competitor check-in time will vary by session and will be published (location TBD).

10. Event check-in will be 30 minutes before each event.

11. At the discretion of the sports director, an event start may be delayed up to 15 minutespending the arrival of a scheduled athlete or other extenuating circumstances. At no time will an event be delayed more than 15 minutes and out of respect for all competitors this rule will not be modified.

12. There will be formal award ceremonies scheduled throughout the session. Award ceremonies will be managed by staff. There will be a team of Donor Family members available to assist with the presentation of medals on the designated award podium.