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Donate Life Brand and Transplant Games
Team Logo Use 2022

Donate Life America (DLA) is a nonprofit organization leading its national partners and Donate Life State
Teams to increase the number of donated organs, eyes and tissue available to save and heal lives. DLA owns and administers Donate Life sm , the national brand for the cause of donation; provides education about living and deceased donation and manages the National Donate Life Registry at

As part of our shared mission to increase the number of registered donors; to ensure a consistent message to the America public; and to leverage the power of the Donate Life brand, DLA and the Transplant Games of America partnered in to lend the Donate Life brand to the Transplant Games of America, also known as the Donate Life Transplant Games.

Why Donate Life?
  • Before the Donate Life brand was developed, the green ribbon and other symbols were used.
  • A consistent, unified symbol and message was needed.
  • The Donate Life brand and logo were developed in 2000 after in-depth nationwide public research.
  • Blue and green signify the sky and earth, while the swirl represents the symbol of life .
  • An additional benefit of the Donate Life symbol is that it includes the action: Donate Life.
Who uses the Donate Life brand?
  • The Donate Life symbol is used for the sole purpose of promoting donation and transplantation. Members of the Donate Life Community; including OPOs, accredited tissue and eye banks, transplant centers, Donate Life State Teams and national partners like the Transplant Games of America are authorized to use the Donate Life logo.
  • As TGA Teams, we are extending that use to you (in accordance with our Brand Usage Policy).
  • As owner and administrator of the Donate Life brand, which is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, DLA asks members of the donation and transplant community to act as good stewards of the brand we have all invested so much in.

What does this mean to TGA Teams?
  • For the 2022Games, you are encouraged to use the Donate Life logo on team uniforms. This may be the Donate Life logo itself, the Donate Life Transplant Games logo or the 2022 Donate LifeTransplant Games San Diego logo. This allows teams to send a consistent message about theimportance of donation and ties all of the teams together.
  • For team uniforms ONLY, you may use the vendor of your choice.
  • Should you wish to include the Donate Life logo on other promotional items or wearables, you must use DLA Promotions. DLA Promotions is now the only licensed vendor if you are including the Donate Life logo on promotional items or wearables. DLA Promotions returns 100% of its proceeds back to supporting Donate Life America and supports organ, eye and tissue donations. Please consider DLA Promotions for all your promotional merchandise or apparel.