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About Donors and Donor Families
  • Donors and Donor Families

Living Donors
Living donors are allowed to participate in the Transplant Games. Theywill be eligible to compete in the individual sports offered to them. Living donors are considered a "Division Two Athlete," along with bone marrow, cornea and tissue recipients. Division two athletes are allowed to compete in most, but not all sports. (check each sport page for further clarification).

Donor Families
A special recognition of Donor Families will take place as part of our special event programming! New for the 2020 Transplant Games, Donor Families are allowed to compete! They will be able to participate and medal in the 5k, Dancing with the Scars, Lyrics for Life, and Trivia.

TGA Honors Program
The Transplant Games Honors Program pays tribute to the donor heroes and donor families. The Honors program has a variety of special events that honor these groups in a unique, but meaningful way. Below are the events that are part of the TGA Honors Program. You may click on the events to find out more information.