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2020 TGA Competitions Trivia Challenge
  • Trivia Challenge

June 3, 2021-Television & Movies
June 10, 2021-History & Geography
June 17, 2021 -Sports & Entertainment
June 24, 2021 -Pop Culture

7:00pm to 9:00pm Eastern Time *All Competitions

Transplant Recipients (organ, corneal, tissue, and bone marrow), Living Donors, and
Donor Families

Event Details:
The 2020 Donate Life Transplant Games Trivia Challenge competition is open to registered competitors.The competition will be an online trivia challenge where competitors will play off their phone, tablet or computer.Competitors can participate in as many trivia events as they choose, but will only be awarded one TGA Gold medal, regardless of the number of trivia events they participate in.

Entry Regulations:
1. Must be registered as a competitor for Trivia.
2. Trivia is a team trivia competition for Division One Competitors, Division Two Competitors and Donor Families only.
3. Must be part of a TGA Team and the team roster submitted by your Team Manager.
4. A team must have at least 6 team members participating to form a team.If this is an issue, please contact Josh Sweedyk at
5. There is no maximum number of team members on a team.
6. There is a 500 player limit for the system as a whole.

1. We will be using a platform called SocialPoint Trivia.
2.Teams will be created in advance. We will ask Team Managers to send us a list of who is participating and then we will email the team members their invitation link with their "PIN" to get into the game.
3.Players will play on their phone, iPad or any device from the invitation link they receive. TGA will share screen on Zoom to show questions, answers and live standings on the leader board.
5. Team members will answer questions individually on behalf of their TGA Team. Sum of individual team members' scores gets added to the total overall team score.
5.Team responses will be on a balance system to make the game fair for everyone. Only the sum of the top 6 (minimum number of team players needed to play) players' scores will be counted towards their team's score. This works best for teams with uneven numbers of players. (Ex. If two teams have 7 players and one team has 6 players, we will limit to top 6 players for fair scoring).
6. This platform allows team members the choice of not needing to be together as a team to play. Everyone can play right from their home.

Game Play Recommendations:

1. As the host, Transplant Games will stream the competition via a Zoom call so participants can follow along and watch the leader board standings. The Zoom call's purpose is solely to view the questions results, view the leader board and listen along to the trivia broadcast.
2.Participants will play off their smartphone or off their computer or laptop.
3. The recommended method to participateis to answer the questions off your smartphone device. Then watch the Zoom call to see the correct answers and leader board.


The 2020 Donate Life Transplant Games will not include a Gold, Silver, Bronze medaling format. All registered competitors who complete their events and submit results will receive a TGA Gold medal.Only one TGA Gold medal will be awarded regardless of the number of trivia events participated in.

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