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5k Run/Walk

Date: Saturday, July 6, 2024 

Time: 7:30 AM

Location: Downtown Birmingham 

Cost: TBD

Credentials: No

Details: The 5k Run/Walk at the Transplant Games of America is a community event open to Games attendees as well as the general public. Participants, including transplant recipients, living donors, donor families, and supporters, lace up their shoes to embark on a journey that symbolizes triumph over adversity. Against the backdrop of camaraderie and shared determination, the 5k course winds through the host city, providing a scenic and invigorating route for runners and walkers alike.


This event serves as a powerful testament to the transformative impact of organ transplantation, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle post-transplant. Beyond the competition, it fosters a sense of community, unity, and gratitude, as participants collectively celebrate life, embrace the gift of organ donation, and promote awareness of the life-changing possibilities that arise from the generosity of donors.

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